Online Portraits

Taking as a model a full face photograph, the painter will make you a portrait that will be unique. Take advantage of this to surprise friends, family or a special person with an original and exclusive gift.

To do this type of portrait, the artist works with a computer and uses a digital edition software as pictorial technology. The photograph that you send us will only be used as a model and in no case will it be used as a base for doing a trace or to use Photoshop’s filters on it. The result will be a portrait in JGP format of high definition that we will send directly to your e-mail. In this way you will be able to print it on the material of your choice. If you prefer, we can also print it for you on a sheet like those in the Reproduccions’s section. The price of the portrait is 180 €.

To have your portrait just go to the Contact’s section and fill the form. Once this is received, we will explain you the process and answer any doubts you may have indicated in Commentaries.



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ejemplo de retrato